Boxing Tips

Boxing Tips
Boxers boxing

There are a few key points to start with before diving into the punches. 

> Boxing stance: this differs pending on whether you are left or right handed. If you are right handed you have your left foot forward, right foot back. If you are left handed, it is the opposite with your right foot forward and left foot back. 

> Guard: your hands up at your chin. The guard must always be up protecting your chin, after each punch returning it to this starting position. Keep your hands relaxed as much as possible/ try not to clench your fists when it is at the Guard position as you will waste much needed energy here. Clench into a fist when connecting the punch.

> Rotation: the power in the punch comes from the larger and stronger muscle groups, your legs and upper back, not your arms or hands. The rotative action from the hips and shoulders, create the drive and is the power sources of every punch. The arms and hands are just an extension to connect that power. 

> Light feet: footwork is also imperative to boxing. Ali’s famous saying “Float like a butterfly…” is exactly what a boxer needs to do. Being on the toes enables you to take that quick step forward, back and to the side. Your back heel is constantly off the ground and the front foot is always stepping through, enabling your legs/hips to power lunge or swiftly duck to counter your opponent. 

> Punches: from the Guard position (at your chin to protect from that knock out blow), the arms are extending from the power sources (legs and upper back) to connect to your opponent. Punching with the top knuckles and your thumb on the outside of the fist, keeps the wrist safe and less strain of the forearm. 

There are four main punching types in boxing with a few supporting blows to round it all off. 

> Jab – a lighter quick lead in punch.

> Cross – a straight and more powerful punch.

> Hook – a tight, shorter and wider side punch.

> Uppercut – a tight, shorter and upward, powerful punch.

The Boxing gear will be supplied by Team Mclean Fitness Club at the event session. (but if you have your own, bring them along)

> Focus Pads – these pads are what the Catcher holds to absorb the punch off the Boxer. They are a curved shape to provide the hand with maximise support and comfort.

> Boxing gloves / mitts – there are different variations of the Boxing glove and mitts; size, shape and weight. This variant depends on if you are hitting a boxing bag, focus pads, to speed ball or in the ring against an opponent.

> Cotton Inner Gloves – these provide a hygienic barrier between hands and gloves if you are borrowing the equipment. Boxers use hand wraps to protect and support their wrists from strain. These can vary in length, fabric and fitness styles.