Cheer Squad

Here’s what some of our awesome Teamsters are saying!

Jen T, 36yo, Grovedale

“…. I have already been feeling and seeing results and can’t wait to start some group classes. She makes you feel very comfortable and really knows what she is doing to get real results. Thank you Kristen!”

Jen T, 36yo
Grovedale, Geelong.

Jane C, 39yo, Belmont

“…. I feel fitter, stronger and happier! I can’t wait to work with her and see what the next eight weeks brings!”

Jane C, 39yo
Belmont, Geelong.

I started the ‘fire’ sessions (core & stability classes) about 4 weeks ago and am finding them a great way of improving my strength and losing my belly. It’s challenging but manageable – even for a middle aged bit chubby bloke. Thanks heaps!

Mark P, 51yo
Ocean Grove, Geelong.

Love love love it !!!! Great to have some ME time and to feel energized and ready to take it on!

Shelley C, 40yo
Grovedale, Geelong.

Having never been to a PT (or a GYM!) before, I was unsure of what to expect, and how poorly I would cope with the all new exercises. Kristen was excellent at working with my limitations (age, weight, general weakness) and I completed a session without feeling like I was failing or being molly coddled. The burn was real!! I even managed a laugh. Can definitely feel the benefits of the sessions; many muscles letting me know they do, in fact, exist. 😉 Well done, Kristen. Love your work.

Maria K, 43yo
Newtown, Geelong.

I sat down with Kristen at her gym in Belmont in Sept 2020 for a review of current weight and general health, and let’s say my numbers were not good.

Kristen wasn’t the first and not the only one who told me that I needed to do something about my health. However ultimately Kristen’s prompt along with a couple of other events combined to be the catalyst for change for me.

Kristen and I set some measurable goals and some accountability actions. I can now say that I have ticked off 3 goals we set and am consistently meeting the accountability actions.

I have dropped a heap of weight and my chronic osteo arthritis knee pain has halved. I feel the best I have for many years!

Thank you Kristen at Team McLean FC fo taking an interest in me, for challenging me, for being the catalyst for change to better and sustainable weight and healthy lifestyle.

Rob G, 50+ yo

Kristen is fantastic and motivational. Highly recommend TMFC!!

Sally S, 36yo

Great place to get fit and reach your fitness goals!

Kerri C, 36yo

Thank you to Kristen at Team McLean Fitness Club! I attended her course with trepidation due to my fitness level being so low. The system she employs to do each exercise at 3 levels is magic. I was able to do the easier option on some easier exercises and level 2 on a couple, while others more advanced were able to chose level 2 or 3. Everyone benefited from her methods. Thank you! Kristen I will be back for more.

Deb F, 50yo