Exercise with mates

Exercise with mates

Exercise is fun on its own but if you want to make your journey more enjoyable and rewarding, at Team McLean Fitness Club one of the many things we recommend – is to exercise with a mate! (or 2 or 3 or 4!) Join in our Group fitness classes Belmont! Working out with friends, family, colleagues, dogs and even personal trainer will help you reach your health and fitness goals than by doing it alone. See how with these 4 reasons below…

  • MOTIVATION & SUPPORT – Keeping motivated can sometime be easier said than done. Studies show that people who exercise with others, exercise more than those who do it solo! Weather it be a personal trainer, family member, best friend or a new gym buddy – this emotional and physical support plays a critical role in you achieving your health and fitness goals.

CONSISTENCY – I keep preaching that consistency is the key to success! But sometimes getting over the first hurdle of showing up is the hardest part! If you know that if someone is there waiting for you, or relying on your to keep them motivated then you are most likely not wanting to let them down and stay on point yourself.

MORE FUN – I know from personal experience that exercising alone can be very unmotivating and boring. While its important to stay focused and concentrate on the movements, its also fun to have a banter and a laugh while doing it, and will notice it goes a lot faster!

DE-STRESS – Using your fitness sessions as a debrief and stress relief if a given. Studies also show that people who exercised with friends experience significantly improve their mood. A usual emotion after exercise is feeling calmer, less tired and happier due to the natural endorphins release but you also can use your workout buddy to vent to. A cheaper kind of therapy! 

P.S. New to Team McLean FC? Book now your first 2 free sessions and join in on one of our Memberships or Group Fitness packs, and get a FREE 2 on 1 PT session for you and a mate! Mention “Bring a Buddy” when you contact us!

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