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2 Free Sessions
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Get started on the right foot with your first 2 sessions on us! 

We understand you may feel nervous or scared to start somewhere or something new. We understand the need to look after yourself, in body and mind. So that is why our first 2 sessions are free. We learn about you and your specific needs, then we learn about the mechanics of your body and teach you form and functional movements. 

So let’s start this together. 

That is my advise to you with anything that you are wanting to do – just start. Small steps, will grow into large leaps. Send a text, write a short email, make that first phone call – believe me once that initial small step is taken, you will feel better. Putting something off, tends to make the task feel larger and more daunting than it actually is. So just start. Team McLean Fitness Club is here to help you, motivate you and encourage you. These 2 sessions will help ease your uncertainty, with no obligation at all!  

So let us give you this ‘leg up’, to get you over this first hurdle. 

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