Metafit: Faster Weight Loss, Improved Health and Much More

MetafitTM Burn fat in your sleep.

If you are looking for a workout that will help you lose weight, improve your health, and give you more energy, Metafit may be what you are looking for. Metafit is an exercise program that can be done anywhere without any equipment or lots of time.
Metafit was created by a former Royal Marine Commando who wanted to share his fitness knowledge with others. Metafit has been scientifically proven to have benefits such as improved stamina and cardiovascular endurance. 
Metafit is the real high intensity interval training and is different from many other workouts. It uses interval training which alternates between low-intensity and high-intensity work periods in order to improve the body’s metabolism.

Weight Loss : One of the most common reasons fitness coaches recommend Metafit is the weight loss benefits. In just 30 minutes Metafit can burn up to 500 calories and the body continues to burn calories up to 24 hours after the training session has finished! Yes even while you sleep! 
Team McLean FC highly recommend Metafit as a great option for those who want weight loss results fast without getting involved in fad diets that can cause more harm than good. 

Cardio and Strength Training Combo : One of the reasons Metafit is so effective as a weight loss method is because it combines both cardio and strength training into one workout program. This allows you to get maximum results in far less time.
During a Metafit session you’ll be pushing yourself as hard as you can, getting your heart rate in the 80%+ Anaerobic zone which where you need to be to and cardiovascular health. While you won’t need to purchase any weights, you’ll be using your body to work against you and that means Metafit can be very challenging for those who aren’t used to it. You’ll certainly feel the burn all the way through the session and feel an instant gratification after you finish!

Improved Health : The benefits don’t just stop at weight loss either. You’ll find a boost of energy in your daily life once you make Metafit a part of your weekly routine. Metafit is a great way to get in shape and improve your health. A Metafit workout can also increase flexibility, endurance, coordination and strength!

Metafit classes are the best part of my week! I’ve been doing Metafit for about five months now and it has really improved my energy levels throughout the entire day.”

Jane L. Belmont – Real Estate Agent

Convenience : It’s tricky for many of us to find time in our week for regular exercise. Metafit classes are typically just 30 minutes long and can be done online at home or in our Belmont fitness club. For this reason, it’s been a great option during lockdowns when exercise can continue over Zoom. We’re optimistic lockdowns will one day be a thing of the past however the same benefits of exercising remotely will continue for those who travel often outside the region or don’t have the time to get to our Geelong fitness club

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Motivation : Many of our clients love to do Metafit as part of a group who can help motivate and encourage each other. There are others who prefer to do it one on one as part of their Personal Training program. Whatever your preference, it’s well worth having someone in your corner to help keep you motivated.
Small group fitness training can create a real sense of community. When we work together doing difficult things and seeing amazing results, we can inspire each other to keep going. Metafit works best when you’re pushing hard and giving everything you have. 

Join the Club : Let’s be honest, it’s easy to make excuses and become a little slack exercising alone at home so we encourage you to be part of our amazing team in Belmont. Metafit is a tough workout, but it’s worth it! You’ll see an improvement in your strength, speed and fitness levels as well as weight loss if that’s your goal. Because the results are evident, that too will help keep you motivated.

Its tough, thats why it works
Its tough, thats why it works

Metafit is short, intense and rewarding. It’s tough, that’s why it works!
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