Fitness Sessions

Group Exercise sessions :

Discover how to get fitter…faster with these workouts proven to get you results

MetaFit™, Legs & Butt, Arms & Abs, Boxing, Mat Pilates 1 & Pilates Reformer Bed.


Circuit sessions : 45 minutes in duration. Metafit and (E) Express sessions : 30 minutes in duration.

HIIT sessions

How does burning body fat while you sleep, sound to you?
It sounds great, right?
High-intensity interval training otherwise known as HIIT sessions are short periods, typically 30 minutes where you work out vigorously, repeating intensive movements, followed immediately by a short recovery.  This stop, start methodology fires up your heart rate and builds lean muscle which results in fat loss! Don’t be scared of “intensity” or “vigorous exercise” as we work with your abilities. These are incorporated in Group Classes and PT sessions. Learn more…



Do you want to increase your muscle mass, lose weight and gain strength? Yes? Then give circuit training a try. The circuit training sessions are a mash-up of exercises and timed circuits using different bodyweight exercises, boxing, free weight techniques and even teammate activities. Anything goes in these sessions and we guarantee fun, action-packed workouts where you will never be bored and before you know it, the workout will be over and you’ll be left feeling energised and you’ll know you’ll have worked hard.



Are you ready for stronger arms and visible abs? Our intense arms and abs training sessions are designed to not only strengthen your arms but also your upper body using functional exercises and equipment. 
We use weights, battle ropes, kettlebells, slam balls, all to tone and strengthen your muscles all the while boosting your metabolism.
Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you lift 15kg dumbbells on your first go! As with all workouts, we ease you into it, we progress and challenge as your confidence and strength builds!

boxing session


From beginner to expert, we’ve got boxing classes to match you! We teach you correct technique and pride ourselves in our 8 hit combo! Our boxing and fitness classes offer you a great full-body workout, no matter what your fitness level. 
The training is safe, intense, fun, and great stress relief for anyone!
Boxing is a high-aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping fast, burns fat and gets you fit, fast!

leg and butt


Do you want to tone and add more strength to your lower body? 
No ifs and buts here…you can get stronger, leaner legs and a great butt in our Legs and Butt classes. This is a great workout as it’s functional training, weight-based with resistance, to tone up those glutes and slim down the thighs whilst you feel the burn. Embrace the burn as it means your body is working and is getting stronger.



If you’re ready to improve your core strength and stability, then you must try our Pilates Mat 1 class.
This class incorporates Classical and Contemporary exercises for strength and endurance. It’s low impact and is based around stretching and strengthening your muscles whilst learning to keep your core engaged. It helps train your pelvis, lower back, hips and ab muscles to work together, while breathing Pilates style and how to activate and stabilise.



Are you seeking long, lean muscles?
How about improved body posture and a stronger core?
You can do this without having to exercise vigorously! 
I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true, we are super excited to add this latest piece of equipment to our workout repertoire!! 
This amazing piece of equipment aids in improving body posture, stabilising muscles and rectifying muscle imbalances through continual activation of core and spine muscles. Regardless of your age, fitness level, everyone can benefit from this great technology! 
You will have to book in to use this beauty as its popular and there’s only one!