Did you realise that stretching and recovery are just as important as exercising? 
U-huh, it is.
When you exercise, you lengthen your muscles. This lengthening creates micro-tears in the fibers of the muscle and these micro-tears repair over the next few days. This is why stretching after exercising and having an active recovery the next day is so important. It will enable the muscles to repair in a stretched, longer, safer formation rather than repairing in a tight and shorter position with the increased possibility of injury.

You need to take the time to stretch and give your muscles time to recover.
Stretching is important as it helps you:

  • Improve your performance next time you exercise
  • Boosts flexibility which helps with increased mobility
  • Decreases muscle soreness for the next day
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Decreases muscle tension

You’ll love our dynamic, active and static stretches to loosen up tight muscles from the week’s work. Make sure to give our Mat Pilates as well as our Core and Stability classes a go, as your body and mind will thank you for it. We even get guest yoga instructors in from time to time to take our stretching to the next level.

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