There are several Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to exercise attire. It definitely DOES make a huge difference to your workout and definitely does NOT have to be the most expensive brand or the most fashionable. It can definitely give you a confidence boost, but really we need to ensure that you’re protected, it needs to fit your body correctly and to be comfortable for you to get the most out of your workout!


Correct footwear is a MUST. For this investment, you definitely get what you pay for. Getting your foot measured and evaluated from a professional footwear supplier or Podiatrist is a great start in avoiding injury and get the right style for the type of training that you are doing. They can see how your foot hits the ground and explain the details of your stride, and therefore fit your foot with correct shoe with cushioning, stability, instep, toe depth, foot width and appropriate materials. Keep an eye on the inner soles of your shoes as they tend to wear out before the under and outer.


Yes I know it’s quite an intimate subject, but it is quite an important one. For women a good quality sports bra is another MUST. Getting yourself measured by a fitting specialist is a great start in a correct fit to avoid back pain, movement discomfort as well as tissue stretching and tearing. These will be expensive, but again think of it as an investment; you will not know how you lived with out the right one! Not only the top half but the bottom half needs to be looked after too. Comfortable underwear will not only stop you from being distracted and uncomfortable, but will also help with that confidence boost!


Whether it be leggings or trackies, having the right fit here is also a MUST. These do not have to be the most expansive or fashionable brand, there are some national brands in the market with comparable designs and quality. Being too small and too large, they will distract you with the need to constantly pulling them up or down as well as the correct material will assist in how comfortable you are, with temperature and fit. It is important also to be aware of the durability of the material as after a while they might stretch and become the incorrect fit.