Personal and Group Training Programs

Team McLean Fitness Club is an independent home based boutique gym in Belmont, Geelong. With the latest training techniques and fitness equipment, we provide an all inclusive personal or group experience, all ages, all abilities and all fitness levels! We offer a range of services to suit your needs and your busy routines.

> Personal Training Sessions – 1:1 & 1:2
> Group Fitness Classes – max. 9 people
> 10 Week Transformation Program
> Team Bonding, Corporate Wellness Events
> Movement Matters Retirement Program
> Metafit™ Fitness Training

Your first 2 sessions are FREE!

Firstly, we meet up and get to know each other. We discuss your health history, current routine, nutrition and health and fitness goals. 

Second session is body measurements, fitness testing and technique session. This enables us to have a informed base on how to train you safely and understand you and your needs. 

Personal Training: 

Personal Training Belmont

1:1 and 1:2. For an even more personal approach when exercising. Different times available throughout the day when class isn’t on.

30min or 45min sessions. These can include Pilates Reformer Bed and Boxing sessions.

> First 2 sessions FREE
> Fitness & nutrition progress checks ups – including measurements.
> Nutrition information, meal list and recipes

Group Exercise Classes: 

Group exercise Geelong

Are available at various times through out the day and week. These are circuit bases programs where anything goes in these classes! 

> First 2 sessions FREE
> Nutrition information, meal list and recipes

Check out Sessions page for timetable.

10 Week Transformation Program: 

Body Transformation

This program will support and guide you to develop a new routine, a consistent change that will teach you fitness and nutrition foundations. 

It will reduce stress, anxiety and create a support team for you to feel confident, not only about yourself but confident about taking control of your new balanced lifestyle.

> Measurements, Technique and Form sessions in week 1
> 3 x 45 minute Personal Training sessions over the 10 weeks
> Minimum attendance of 3 x group fitness classes per week (in Gym or online available)
> Nutrition coaching – 30 day Nutrition Reset
> Meal list and recipes
> At weeks 1, 5 & 10, nutrition & fitness progress check ups with the Coach 
> 2 body composition scans (start & finish – optional at additional cost)
> Personal before and after photos (optional)
> At the end – dinner and drinks to celebrate achievements!

All inclusive (male and female classes – The classes are a mixture of strength and conditioning, circuits, boxing, stretching so you will have a variety of cardio and muscle building, while burning body fat and having fun! Check out Sessions page for timetable.

Team Bonding, Corporate Wellness Program: 

Team Bonding during exercise

We are looking for Geelong and surround area businesses, who would like to implement a Wellness Program for their workplace. 

A group exercise regime will benefit you, employees and the business, as our specific programs are designed to improve culture, productivity as well as building relationships across the business.

We offer several specialty fitness and wellbeing programs, to suit all ages and abilities, ranging from office workers to trades, to the aged and special needs. 

These programs may include –

> Strong and fast sweat sessions – circuits, boxing and HIIT
> Stress relief and mindful meditation – guided breathing and refocus
> Stretching and core exercises – strengthening and release
> Fitness activities and camps 
> Massage and naturopathy service
> Completing a workout then brunch / lunch socialising afterwards

Contact Kristen for more information.

Aged Care Movement Matters Program: 


We implement a Movement Matters Program aimed at older members of our community, who are living in retirement villages and aged care facilities. We offer several specialty fitness and wellbeing sessions, to suit all ages and abilities. To increase range of movement, flexibility, mobility, improves circulation and strength, fall prevention and decreasing joint pain. Exercise helps to keep a healthy mind, it decreases depression and improves your mood, as well as breathing techniques help clear thinking and also promotes sociability.

> Balance and core activation
> Stretching
> Strengthening
> Cardiovascular
> Games & activites

Metafit™ Fitness Training:

= It’s the true meaning of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

For people who want to get fitter, faster and stronger in the most efficient way. 

This develops a mental and physical edge, who want/ need to be pushed to get out of their comfort zone. 

> 20-28 minute body weight workout 
> Focuses on quality movements rather than quantity
> Increases your mental and physical endurance
> Building lean muscle using bodyweight
> Burns body fat up to 24hrs after you have finished!

Some people are hesitant – but there is no need to be, as we work to your fitness level – regress and progress as needed to make sure we accomplish it together! 

Its tough, thats why it works!

Check out this video to explain further :