Imagine, Finally Becoming The Healthier, Fitter, More Energised Version Of You!

A boutique and unique club; we are not your typical gym. We are committed to all things wellness, mental and physical health and believe in balance. A no fuss, no nonsense community, where you are free to be you. We understand and celebrate all bodies, create a personalised plan and work with your uniqueness as no-body is the same! We believe it’s important to learn and take action, give confidence and be challenged in a supported space.

Discover the fun and wholistic fitness team in Geelong to help you become the best version of yourself!

Do you come home from work feeling tired, stressed and often depleted of energy? The thought of going to the gym at 6.30pm at night and doing a workout is probably the last thing on your mind.

You’ve got dinner to cook, family to organise, tasks to juggle, errands to run, people you need to see, pets to look after and by the end of the day, you might get the chance to finally relax.

You’d love to be fitter and stronger, and a few kilos lighter and you wish you had more time to dedicate to being fit and healthy.

The hours you commit to working can leave you exhausted at the end of the day – and even worse, your often busy schedule means the last thing you want to do is hit the gym or even go for an hour walk.

As a result, your body becomes out of shape; your clothes become tight in all the places you don’t want them to be tight like your belly and bum!

Your mental health takes a hit as you become unmotivated, your confidence drops and to top it off, you don’t feel super desirable.

But deep inside, you know you can do better, and you know you deserve better – you want the same success you’ve had in your career to reflect in your health.

Your Chance to Feel Energized, Happier and Healthier is Within Reach!

It’s a known fact that it takes commitment to develop fitness, strength and to move stubborn fat, but the results are worth it.

When obsolete old health hacks that used to work for you, fail, you end up frustrated, tired, embarrassed, and ultimately paralysed by the fear of not getting results if you jump on the health wagon again.

But what if I told you, it’s not as hard as you think and won’t take as much time as you think?

What if I told you that you can get back in shape in as little as 3 hours a week?

Change is within your reach and I’m here to help you achieve it!

Our aim at the Team McLean Fitness Club is to offer you personalised and practical solutions to help you achieve results in your fitness journey…results that matter to you!

Alongside countless other people I’ve worked with, who are just like you,  I can help you rediscover yourself, and get back to being a healthier, fitter and happier version of you!

At Team McLean, You’re Never Alone On Your Fitness Journey

Life is better with friends and committing to fitness is so much easier when you can work out with a group of other people just like you, who will also provide support and camaraderie.

Henry Ford once said that…

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”.

We strongly believe in teamwork – and we are giving you an opportunity to improve your physical and mental health through exercise alongside others like you who share a common goal and objective.

In our fun and close-knit health club in Geelong, scores of club members like you get a chance to escape the rut and achieve the incredible results they desire…whether it’s getting fitter, stronger, faster, healthier or simply feeling better about yourself.

Here, you have a chance to rediscover yourself and take control of your health. Our close-knit and team-oriented health club will help you;

  • Regain your desired fit, strong and healthy body
  • Rediscover your confidence
  • Reduce stress (through exercise and team bonding)
  • Take back some control of your life
  • Become fitter, faster, stronger and healthier
  • Have fun!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late. You Can Make The Change Today

Everything you do can be affected and influenced by your level of fitness.

The fitter you are, the more energy you have. 

The more energy you have, the more you can do more of the things you love such as playing with your kids, hanging out with friends, spending time at the beach, walking the dog and more!

Your health directly impacts the critical areas of your life.  From how you perform at work to how you engage with your children can be affected by your health and fitness.

Your moods, movements, your energy and even the motivation to work all rely on your health. If your health is great, then all other aspects of your life have the opportunity to follow suit.

At the Team McLean Fitness Club, we take the guesswork out of your health and fitness.

You have the opportunity to engage with a passionate, qualified and proven PT (aka The Coach), and to join our team and train alongside like-minded people to achieve the results that you desire!

Meet your health and fitness coach

Hello Teamsters,
My name is Kristen McLean and I am so happy you have made a life changing choice to become fitter and healthier!
We would love for you to be apart of our team!

My goals are to educate, promote and contribute to fitness, health and wellbeing, in Geelong. I believe that fun and fitness is for everyone, and I want to provide people with the opportunity to better their mental and physical health through exercise.

Join in to feel confident, to reduce stress, to take control of your life and to be apart of something real.
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Kristen McLean
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