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Understanding Macros – Nutrition made easy

Macros are carbs, fat, and proteins. These are the main nutrients your body needs to function. It is proven that getting the correct amount of macros can support weight loss, promote lean muscle growth, as well as improving your overall physical and mental health. In the above ‘Macros Cheat Sheet’ image, you will see the …

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Quinoa lettuce wraps

Cooked quinoa, black beans and delicious seasonings come together, hugged in crisp lettuce leaves and topped with smooth hummus and spring onions to create a refreshing meal or snack! Ingredients Method Looking for more great healthy recipes? Check out our High Protein and Gluten Free meal planning e-books or our other blog posts.

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The Power of Synergy: Fitness and Nutrition for Optimal Health

Are you ready to transform into the healthier, fitter, and more energised version of yourself? At Team McLean Fitness Club in Belmont Geelong, we’re here to guide you on your journey to wellness. We believe in a holistic approach to health that encompasses both physical and mental well-being, and today, we want to delve into …

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The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes in Geelong

Our Teamsters LOVE the benefits from working out in our small groups here in Geelong. From increased motivation to feeling more comfortable in a social setting; there are plenty of reasons to give group fitness classes a go! But what about the specific benefits that group fitness classes can offer? Here, we take a look …

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