Understanding Macros – Nutrition made easy

Macros are carbs, fat, and proteins. These are the main nutrients your body needs to function. It is proven that getting the correct amount of macros can support weight loss, promote lean muscle growth, as well as improving your overall physical and mental health. In the above ‘Macros Cheat Sheet’ image, you will see the complex carbs can also have supportive proteins and proteins have essential fats and vice versa.

Tip1 – Education : learn about what does what in your body and why you need it and how it is used.

Tip2 – Choose high fibre carbs like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes. Steer clear of processed non-food. This will help you feel full, manage blood sugar and support heart health. 

Tip3 – Balanced macros equals a better sleep. It is proven that when you eat better you sleep better. An of course your sugar and water consumption as well as exercise also affect your rest.

Carbs – Keep your carbs to veggies, fruits, legumes and nuts. No processed grains for Carbohydrates intake, as they are not essential for the body function; because Proteins and Fats get converted to Glycogen (energy). The body burns energy in this order – Sugars, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins.

Fats – There are good fats and bad fats. The body needs good fats to function = brain function / nervous system and hair, nails, skin.

Proteins – Amino acids are the body’s building blocks from proteins – it helps brain signals transmitters, serotonin, melatonin (sleeping, feeling happy, less pain). There are Incomplete and complete proteins.

For more detailed information about Macros, Sleep, Goals setting Download TMFC Wellness Guide. or contact Coach Kristen to have a chat about how we can support you further.

Eat clean. Train mean. Live green.