Your new must go-to nutrition source!

nutrition source!

Bone Broth!!! Where has this been my whole life?! Did you know that bone broth is high in marrow, omega 3 / 6 / 9, it has 19 amino acids, collagen, protein, amino acids and essential minerals including magnesium, sulphur, calcium, phosphorus and iron! Wow what an AMAZING easy to consume source of everything that you need! It not only helps with joint and arthritic conditions, but gut health such as IBS, crohn’s, diverticulitis. It is anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing, it can assist in weight loss, improve skin, hair nourishment, muscle and fitness support.

This paste-like substance is great for diluting into broths, soups, sauces, or add it to dishes to increase digestibility and nutrition. All you need is 2 teaspoons (1 serving = 10gms) or a heaped tablespoon to a cup or a mug of hot water and you have got a nutritious easy go-to bone broth! You can add spices, meats and vegetables as desired to create your own delicious meal. There are soo many different flavours, I add mine to curries, stews and even my special Bolognese sauce! The jars I buy are from a health food/ deli style/ fresh produce market it is a must go-to every month or so.

Each 390 gram jar has approx. 39 savings. Not a bad investment for only about $30!

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