Discover the Joy of Outdoor Workouts in Geelong, Belmont, and Beyond!

Hey teamsters! Living in Geelong and Belmont is pretty amazing, especially when you think about all the incredible spots, we’ve got for getting fit and having fun outdoors. It’s like our own backyard is this huge playground waiting for us to explore, from breathtaking beaches to peaceful parks. Let’s dive into why getting your fitness on in the great outdoors around here isn’t just good for your body, but it’s a blast, too!

Geelong’s Beachside Fitness Vibes

Picture this: you’re doing mat pilates on a beach in Geelong, with the soft sound of waves crashing and a cool sea breeze keeping you refreshed. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Geelong’s beaches aren’t just for postcard pictures; they’re perfect for shaking up your fitness routine, whether it’s group fitness sessions with that awesome ocean view or one-on-one personal training sessions where the bay is your backdrop.

Top Spots in Geelong for Outdoor Fun:

  • Eastern Beach: Ideal for a pilates session or a high-energy group workout with a view.
  • The Geelong Waterfront: Perfect for a jog, a personal training session, or even some yoga to start your day right.

Belmont’s Natural Workout Oasis

Here in Belmont, the vibe is all about green spaces and serene settings. Think doing your exercise routine in the quiet of a lush park or catching up with some friends while you’re at it. 

Belmont’s Best Outdoor Exercise Locales:

  • Barwon River Trail: Amazing for a run, bike ride, or a leisurely walk to clear your mind.
  • Belmont Common: Grab your mat and enjoy some pilates in this peaceful setting.
  • Waurn Ponds Creek: is the perfect back drop to our boutique gym, where we take some cardio sessions out on the bike track. 
  • Belmont Cricket Club: is the ideal spot for our Wednesday and Friday early morning 6:15am group classes. It is undercover from the elements, while watching dogs play on the over and not to mention looking towards the east and watching the stunning sunrise!

Take a Trip Down to Torquay and the Surf Coast

When you’re up for a little adventure, why not head down to Torquay and the Surf Coast? It’s a fantastic way to mix things up during the beautiful summer months. The beaches here are out of this world, and there’s no shortage of activities to get your heart pumping. Beach walks at sunrise, surfing the waves, swimming, or paddleboarding — it’s all about enjoying the sun, sea, and sand while staying active.

Why Torquay Rocks for Fitness Fans:

  • Bells Beach: Catch some waves for a surfing session or enjoy the scenic beauty with a beach jog or bush walk along the coastal trails.
  • Torquay Front Beach: Perfect for paddleboarding, swimming, or even a casual game of beach volleyball.

The Perks of Outdoor Workouts

  • Boost Your Mood: There’s nothing like fresh air and natural beauty to make your workout feel like less of a chore and more like a treat.
  • Soak Up Some Vitamin D: Getting that sunshine is great for your bones and your mood, especially after those long indoor hours.
  • Natural Terrain, Natural Gains: Outdoor workouts can challenge your body in unique ways, making you stronger and more balanced.

Join the Local Fitness Scene

Getting involved in the local fitness scene, whether it’s in Geelong, Belmont, or taking a trip down to Torquay, is not just great for your health; it’s a blast. You’ll find new ways to fall in love with where we live. So, why not grab your board, lace up your sneakers, or put on some bathers and join in on the fun this summer? There’s no better time than now to enjoy the outdoors and get fit in the process. Let’s make the most of our beautiful region and all the amazing fitness opportunities it offers!