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McLean Training Session

Strength Training in Geelong: A Key to Enhanced Fitness and Vitality

At Team McLean Fitness Club, we are committed to helping individuals of all ages in Geelong to achieve their health and fitness goals through personalised strength training. Understanding the unique needs of our community allows us to design programmes that not only build physical strength but also boost overall wellbeing. The Importance of Strength Training …

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Unlock Your Fitness Potential with Geelong’s Comprehensive Personal Training and Wellness Support

Right here in Geelong, I have a vision to create a movement that’s more than just about fitness; it’s about creating a community where each individual is empowered to transform their life through physical activity, nutrition, and mental wellness. My name is Kristen McLean, and I’m here to share my journey, philosophy, and the core …

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Elderly Man Working Out at the Gym

The Benefits of Personal Training for Geelong Seniors

As we age, embracing an active lifestyle is crucial for maintaining our health and vitality, yet it presents unique challenges. As a strength and fitness Coach at Team McLean Fitness Club, I’ve seen firsthand how personalised training can transform the lives of seniors in Geelong. With a focus on a caring and considered approach, I …

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Choosing the Right Personal Trainer in Geelong

The bustling fitness industry in Victoria, Australia, has been growing at an unprecedented pace in recent years. With a myriad of personal trainers available, the decision to choose a personal trainer in Geelong is not one to be taken lightly. Our dedicated Fitness Coach understands that this choice is a significant investment of your time, …

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