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Team Bonding activités

Unlock Your Fitness Potential with Geelong’s Comprehensive Personal Training and Wellness Support

Right here in Geelong, I have a vision to create a movement that’s more than just about fitness; it’s about creating a community where each individual is empowered to transform their life through physical activity, nutrition, and mental wellness. My name is Kristen McLean, and I’m here to share my journey, philosophy, and the core …

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How and why we need to implement a healthy workplace culture

This event is part of the Geelong Small Business Festival 2023, run this year by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.  Thank you to Mio from Video Vault for supporting me today with the Video. Thank you to Bellevue Receptions Geelong for the beautiful location and hospitality.  Thank you for everyone attending today – I felt …

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Embrace the Journey: Discover a World of Fitness at Team McLean Fitness Club

Welcome to the inspiring world of fitness, where the possibilities are endless and the rewards are boundless. At Team McLean Fitness Club, we believe that every step you take towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle is a victory worth celebrating. Join us on this uplifting journey as we explore the incredible range of fitness experiences waiting …

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Fitness and Social Events

We are Team McLean Fitness Club, a Geelong based wellness company, founded by Fitness Coach Kristen McLean. Coach Kristen aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to better their mental and physical health through exercise and sociability. With over 15 years experience, we have successfully helped people with their health and fitness. And is dedicated to continue …

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Team Bonding Social Events

Research shows the companies that invest in wellness programs  > Improves workplace culture > Increases productivity rebuilds > Strengthens business relationships > Reducing personal leave costs  Team McLean Fitness Club enables employees and employers to regain connection with each other through our team bonding experiences. We are Geelong’s go-to Fitness Team, for group fitness events, …

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MetaFit : The real high intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training is a form of cardiovascular exercise strategy which alternates short periods of intense high energy exercises with less intense recovery periods. The Metafit™ group workout is a proven, effective and simple exercise method to burn body fat and increase lean muscle. To burn fat you need to change the resting metabolism, these …

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