Warm Up for Boxing

Boxing workouts are exploding in popularity. It is an amazing alternative form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that shifts body fat, builds lean muscle tissue and boosts cardiovascular fitness! What makes Team Mclean FC soo workouts unique, is that they are a combo of contemporary, classic power and agility movements, that is proven to make you fitter and stronger!

Here is a workout that can take you can take at your own intensity / fitness level. As long as you are trying your best, with quality, controlled strong movements – I am HAPPY! >> Repeating circuit 2-3 times through, depending you time and determination, rest as needed. For more guidance and support, don’t hesitate to send me a text!

Boxing warm up video

1 – Skipping: Get yourself a good quality skipping rope, either with weighted handles or a thin speed rope, but must be at the correct length to your height. 

> Hold the handles and step on the middle of the rope. Pull the rope so it’s taut. The rope should be armpit height, not counting the handles. Skipping a whole body exercise that builds agility, stamina, footwork, coordination, balance and fitness. The are a couple of different techniques, single leg jump by shifting weight to each foot mimicking boxing movement, a two footed bounce jumping both feet over the rope together as well as double unders that require faster rope movement and higher jumping. The single leg boxer skip is easier to maintain over longer periods of jumping. Practice makes perfect.

2 – Skaters: This exercise is great especially with a resistance band across the lower thigh. It improves your leg strength, agility and stability, not only for in the ring but in the gym and for other sports. Is targets each of your Glute and Quads muscles, hamstrings and your inside legs also. This exercise can be regressed and progressed as needed. 

> Take a strong side step outwards, sinking low in the hip and loading that leg. Then pushing outward to the other side, and continuing this lateral movement back and forth. By increasing pace and a jumping action will increase muscle fatigue and heart rate. 

3 – Shadow Boxing: Is air punches as you would with a bag or pad work. With light weights in your hands will increase resistance for your arms, chest, back and core! Either with or without, punching through different combos, maintaining guard, rotating through shoulders and hips with footwork will improve your stamina and technique.

4 – Step Through Lunge/ Plyometric Lunge: Lunges build lower body strength and explosiveness in the leg muscles as well as targets core stability. This exercise can be regressed and progressed as needed. 

>Take a confident step backward, ensuring enough distance between feet to create a 90deg angle in back and front leg when lunging. With core engaged, hips facing forward, the back foot is on the toe, drop the back knee, while keeping the front foot grounded. Drive the back knee up and then return back. Increase intensity with pace and jumping. 

5 – Side Plank with Rotation: Side planks are powerful exercise for your shoulders, obliques, core and legs, but we can make it even more challenging by rotating our body. This makes the muscles work harder because of the instability it adds. 

> Starting the side plank position, engage your core, have one elbow directly under shoulder and the other directly vertical overhead. Bring vertical hand around to underside of body, then roll back up to starting position. Slow and steady increases this intensity

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