All about Team McLean Fitness Club Belmont

An overview of video:

So a bit of background –  Why I do what i do? I have always loved movement and being involved sports. I studied Visual Arts and became a Graphic Designer worked in the Corporate world for 12 years.

During those early years working 45-50 hours a week, I found that I had lost myself. –  I lost my Health and my Creativity. So – I took back control and decided to learn about health and fitness and finished my degree while working full time. 

Getting my colleagues out of the office and taking them on a lunch time and after work, for fun and fitness sessions – seeing their how demeanour changed after some fresh air and some blood flow – I realised this is where I needed to be – and make an real difference.

Then a few years later – Team McLean Fitness Club was created.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor , Boxing Instructor, Metafit Coach (1 of 15 in Geelong), Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor. Registered & Insured with governing industry bodies – Working with Children’s Check, First Aid, Mental FA, CPR and Pool Lifeguard.

Why Us? 

Team McLean Fitness Club Belmont is a safe space where everyone can be a part of a supportive, friendly and social community. We pride ourselves in –  and create a unique experience  – by educating members on fitness and nutrition foundations – which enables everyone to live a balanced lifestyle. Everyone is different with individual needs, body composition and personality traits – so we tailor our sessions to suit you. Correct form and and safety is the key to prevent injury and get the most out of your time and efforts.

What we do.

Personal Training and Small Group Classes 

Everybody’s first session is FREE – we meet up and discuss your health history, current routine, nutrition and goals.

Then we complete an ‘Introduction Pack’ – Here we learn and have an understanding of your needs and how to train you safely.

We are your gym buddy – your accountability for consistency, with expectations and quality control.

> Personal Training – We tailor & create each program to reach specific goals.

> Group classes are kept small with maximum 8 people – so we can make sure its personalised and everyone is training correctly and safely.

> Total Support Program  –  is for those who need A LOT  of support . It incorporates all aspects of health – where we involve, other therapists, nutritionists and we all work together develop a new mindset, routine, enforce a consistent change. 

Team Bonding Workplace Wellness Programs : 

Our goal is to reconnect and re-engage employees. Bringing workplace teams back together has never been so important – no to mention very challenging. These Workplace programs or bonding events can varying between, weekly and monthly fitness/ wellness sessions to 6 Week Team Challenges. Request a information pack here.

Fitness Events at Hospitality Venues 

Any type of fitness session followed by a social brunch or light refreshments after – this year we aiming for another consistent venue. Request a information pack here.

 A great way to start up a conversation about someone’s health – is to ask how they are REALLY feeling. Then you can lead into – – Have you tried a seeing a health trainer to help keep accountable?

For more information jump on Website, online calendar to book-in, our Blog helpful tips and recipes. We are on all social pages – LinkedIn Facebook Instagram TikTok YouTube channel for at home workouts if you would like to subscribe.   Please let me know if you have any questions Thank you.