Team Bonding Social Events

Team Bonding Social Events
Workplace Team Bonding Activity

Research shows the companies that invest in wellness programs 

> Improves workplace culture

> Increases productivity rebuilds

> Strengthens business relationships

> Reducing personal leave costs 

Team McLean Fitness Club enables employees and employers to regain connection with each other through our team bonding experiences. We are Geelong’s go-to Fitness Team, for group fitness events, workplace bonding and health programs as well as wellness retreats. 

Fun and fitness is for everyone. We believe in balance, focussing on all aspects of wellness from a holistic approach, implementing healthy changes and reaching goals. Through our team bonding and social events, we can do this together, by engaging our communities with health and fitness activities, in Belmont, Geelong, the surrounding areas of Victoria and nation-wide!

Our fitness coach Kristen, wants to collaborate with hospitality venues and innovative and progressive Geelong businesses. We want businesses that not only want to retain their current employees, but keep engagement and a high moral.

By implementing a wellness program, a regular team bonding social event, or a group exercise regime, will not only build relationships across the business but will also build a positive and engaging culture and therefore increase productivity, output and reducing sick leave/ personal leave ever-growing costs.

Our specific programs are designed with your needs in mind, to understand what your workplace needs, interests and wants. The fitness and wellbeing programs will be suited to the ages and abilities of each employee. These can range from office workers, to trades, to the aged and special needs. 

These wellbeing programs and social fitness events may include –

> Strong and fast sweat sessions – circuits, boxing and HIIT
> Stress relief and mindful meditation – guided breathing and refocus
> Stretching and core exercises – Mat Pilates and Yoga
> Fun and fitness activities and camps 
> Engaging modern entertainment resources such as “Silent Disco Headsests” and “Escape Room” locations.
> Massage & Naturopathy services
> Food and beverages

What better time to start than now. Contact Coach Kristen now to learn more about her ideas and the possibilities for some fun and bonding, through fitness events and wellness events!