Investing in our children and teenagers

Investing in our children and teenagers
Teens fitness class

Studies have shown that on an average of children and teens today are approx. 5cm taller and 4kg heavier! Not to mention their physical capacity of endurance and mobility has declined by 10%!* Young adults, teens and children are now starting to develop metabolic diseases (type 2 diabetes), knee, hip and back pain, functional disorders associated with being over weight and obesity. This all stemming from continuous nutrient deficient, poor eating habits and declining inactivity and sedentary lifestyles.

Supportive nutrition and physical activity for children and adolescents create an invaluable base for fitness and health for later in life. Activities such as strength training, sports or social clubs, dance, walking, not only support the growth process, reduce or prevent distortions of the skeleton as they grow into young adults, but it also creates an outlet for channeling emotional issues.

Our Teeen class Monday 415pm program is designed to the needs and ability of the teen. It focuses on safety and correct form, rhythm, connecting nerve and muscles/ co-ordination, medium weight bearing, body weight movements to create the cardio fitness. So – let’s get our Teens off to a great start in life with a routine of fun and fitness!

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