How and why we need to implement a healthy workplace culture


This event is part of the Geelong Small Business Festival 2023, run this year by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce. 

Thank you to Mio from Video Vault for supporting me today with the Video. Thank you to Bellevue Receptions Geelong for the beautiful location and hospitality.  Thank you for everyone attending today – I felt need to share this information with my fellow Geelong Business people as it is imperative for the way we do Work Life Balance moving forward. 

I will be talking about Workplace Wellness programs and ideas how to implement into your businesses.

Like everything in business and in life – its all about Consistency – Relationships – Communication. It is also the key to a healthy workplace environment. Its not only the physical and mental health, but also about creating a positive culture within your team.

Anybody who is into health and wellness knows that is so much more than a workout or loosing weight, its a way of life. Planning, creating and implementing healthy practices that leads to a healthy and balanced body, mind and environment. Building the right wellness program for your team should not be a nice to have – but and must-have –  a great wellness program will become the foundation of your workplace culture.

The average Aust. Employee has an increasingly busy life, longer and more demanding work hours, which translates into stress, and creates negative feelings, affecting attendance and productivity.

Being disengaged, more personal leave, more costs, less profit. And not to mention the shortage of suitable employees for roles – which increases demand on current employees to fill and cover those empty roles. Businesses need to implement wellness strategies and practices to help alleviate these issues as well as the effects of short term illness, injury and long term chronic illness. I believe it’s not only the responsibility of the Leadership team to initiate this change; but the employees also bringing these ideas to them.

Why? What is the benefit to you and the business?  Research shows the companies that invest in and people who participate in wellness programs

> Reduces personal leave costs 

> Builds positive workplace culture

> Increases productivity

> Strengthens relationships

> Employee retention

> 94% of service professionals spend over 50 hours working each week

> Approx. $190 billion per year is spent on addressing the psychological and physical effects of burnout

> 66% of workers feel they do not have work life balance

> Only 23% of companies believe they are promoting work life balance; 

and companies that do promote work life balance, record two times more productivity.

Who doesn’t want a happier and enjoyable work environment? I was talking to my HR mates about health and safety and wellbeing –  and said they are now spreading the message and teaching business on how to invest in employee retention. By increasing employee engagement and professional development, this supports in making them feel valued through an assortment of methods, including education and physical activity and interaction.

With every business we need to get a ROI (Return on investment). We need to change our thinking from “We can’t afford it” to “We can’t afford not to”. It is the future of how business is being done, so we all need to start thinking progressively.

So here are a few more points to take away and have a think about…

CULTURE:  Creating wellness builds culture and good culture builds personal and business health. Employees become engaged, loyal, invested in their work, become more productive, improved energy levels and employee retention increases. Creating teamwork, mate-ship, camaraderie, and the connection between employers and employees also helps to understand each other and encourages support.

BARRIERS: There may seem to be ‘barriers’ for many workplaces who feel they are unable to implement these practices; but where there is a will, there is a way. A ‘barrier’ is a state of mind and is a form of an excuse. If your ‘why’ is big enough, you will find a ‘how’. 

“There is no time.” : we all have the same 24 hours in a day, its what we choose to do with them is what we value. 

“We dont have the funding.” : it doesn’t have to cost anything. The beach, parks, the bush are all free. 

Another barrier  “We all live in different areas.” : plan the events in advance to enable more people to be able to schedule in, or have several occasions in proximal areas, or online get-togethers. 

If you are still struggling to find time to plan and implement, I am more than excited to plan, support, implement and deliver programs for you.

HOW: What ever the activity or the message is – it needs to be consistent and have open communication. There is no point if is only twice a year thing. Consistency will embed the feeling of being valued and enable it to become a culture. Start at the beginning; with every new employee coming into the business, set them up for this culture it will start a healthy mindset and show them you care straight away. 

  • A good example of this is – giving a new employee a plant and write on the card a message about how this plant represents our commitment to you, your growth and new beginnings.

– A good idea is to do a monthly or quarterly wellness survey and also include wellness as part of the Personal Development plans.

The overall business might have these values already, but the message needs to be channeled down through all of the direct reports through to the rest of their teams. 

One team – one dream. Not one, but all as a whole. 

It can be as simple as a walking group at lunchtimes, inspiration boards, allocated breaks for movement/ stretching,- fruit in tea rooms, – social dinners, – going to expo’s, – getting keynote speakers in, – nutrition and recipe ideas, – a quite room -, team building games, employ a team bonding coach to implement social events.

Here at TMFC we will encourage and support the implementation of a wellness program, with a regular team bonding social event or a group exercise regime. We meet up and have an in-depth discussion. Our programs are designed with your specific needs in mind, to understand your workplace, interests and goals. They are designed to the specific demographic and physical needs of each employee.

These programs and social events can include : 

> Stress relief and mindful meditation – guided breathing and refocus
> Stretching and core exercises – Mat Pilates and Yoga
> Strong and fast sweat sessions – circuits, boxing HIIT
> Fun activities and retreats, BBQs or dinners 
> Engaging modern entertainment resources such as “Silent Disco Headsets” and “Escape Room” locations.
> Massage & Naturopathy services
> Food and beverages events

Fun and fitness is for everyone. Changing our workplace actions to support work life balance, focussing on all aspects of wellness from a holistic approach and implementing positive changes into daily routine – is the key to our quality of life, and I promise your future self will thank you!   

How great would it be if your business had an impressive reputation for valuing your employees? 

Imagine job seekers knocking on your door, approaching you and wanting to work for you? 

A great resource See Active Geelong for more information on local events. That you can participate in. And of course see for some more information about all things health and please reach out to set up a time to discuss all of the possibilities!

Like I said at the start, everything in business and in life is about Consistency – Relationships – Communication. 

I look forward to supporting you and your business to implement and build a healthy culture.