Wellness Guide

eat clean

Welcome to Team McLean Fitness Clubs Wellness guide to achieve your best health. This guide is a suggestion only, and the reader must decide the appropriateness of these tips for themselves and their circumstances. No specific information is designed as a diagnostic or prescriptive advice to any individual or group. 

Please seek professional health advice from your GP or ask the Coach for a warm referral to a qualified dietitian or nutritionist for further guidance and advice for you and your health. 

Here are a few key points to get you started on your wellness journey.

– Sleep is essential; 8 hours of quality sleep will help recover your muscles, skin and balance hunger hormones

– Remove ‘non-foods’ (from your pantry and grocery list) that are not serving your body well

– Eat the right food at the right time for optimal energy requirements 

– Snacks are small meals, not unhealthy treats

– Meals should be balanced of vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats 

– Drink plenty of water; most of the time thirst is confused for hunger

– Balance; work, life, all while keep your goals in the forefront of your mind 

– Exercise; just keep moving and have fun with it! 

Remember that knowledge doesn’t always lead to action. Health practitioners can give you information and guidance, but ultimately it’s up to you to navigate through the evidence and implement in your daily routine.

For more general information download the guide below.